Vancouver Canucks: First NHL Hockey Game

Friday, March 29, 2013

I am a lover of sports. I only got interested in hockey at college, but only picked a team because my cousin's husband is a Canucks fan and well they live in Vancouver :) OK Ok ok...AND maybe having Ryan Kesler, Kevin Bieksa, and Jason Garrison has a LITTLE to do with why I enjoy the Canucks.

My cousin and her fam bam were in SoCal vacationing/using their spring break wisely from teaching. I was happy to meet up with them in Los Angeles for a Kings vs Canucks game. Luckily, the Canucks came out with the win AND my cute little cousin got a puck from a Canuck during their warm up practice =]

If you're a hockey/canucks fan, enjoy! If you're not, well enjoy anyway!

Youth in Action

Youth in Action:
Remember that program I was talking about? Women's Way has a Social innovation turning point prize and although Josie and I came in 2nd place, our project is being funded anyway! You can look at our presentation below and learn what our project is generally about.

Josie and I couldn't be more excited. This started off as a skype conversation in July/August 2012 and we never thought our idea could be a reality. Thanks to those who prayed and believed!
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