San Francisco

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I didn't want to leave. When I moved to Southern California, I thought it was the better part of California. It's like comparing french fries and chocolate when describing Northern CA and Southern CA. NorCal is chocolate. SoCal is a french fry. Yeah, okay terrible analogy.

SoCal has the warm weather. The sandy beaches. San Diego. Los Angeles. Santa Barbara. Santa Monica. Sports upon sports. Disneyland. Entertainment. Hollywood. You know, quite a bit. 

NorCal has the Redwoods. San Francisco. Napa. Carmel. Monterey. Oh gosh the gorgeous everything....WATER...GREENERY....Yosemite. The high Sierras. N-A-T-U-R-E! You know, quite a bit too.

Anyway, I had a little time to check out the Golden Gate Bridge! When I was passing through San Francisco 3 years ago, I went to a Giants game/China Town/and saw the Golden Gate, but had little time to explore. Although this time around, I went to the main park in San Francisco where every tourist and their tourist buddy was there, it was well worth it.

I walked on the bridge to the first major point and turned around. I could see Alcatraz, San Francisco, parks, the bay....I have butterflies just thinking about it! If I could have taken pictures with my eye balls, it may have done San Francisco justice...but I guess these will have to do!

Most importantly, I met up with my friend Jynna! Jynna serves our country in our national air guard and she is a nurse at a military base in NorCal. We graduated high school together, we went to the same college, and now we are in the same state. Hometown friends keep me incredibly grounded...I was so happy to see her so happy. I even got to meet her new boo ;)

Enjoy the city of LOVE!

Brixby Bridge & Mcway Falls in [Big Sur, CA]

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pacific Coast HWY 1 gets better the further North you go. I thought Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Morro Bay were gorgeous...and they are. Nothing compares to getting close to Big Sur and the green forests. Nothing. Except possibly San Francisco....but that's a different post for a different day.

As I was approaching Big Sur I was hesitant to stop along the coast because of the large amount of tourists. I have about 0 patience with screaming children and their bossy parents taking their Christmas photos in May. I seriously snapped 12-15 photos for a family...who had at least 12-15 children. Maybe they were the Duggar's dopple gangers.

Anyway, breath taking views. If you're taking the PCH1, if you can, try and split it into a few days worth of driving and stopping. I was on a time constraint, but I wish I had time to stick around and explore the areas in detail. 

McWay Falls: If you read the reviews on Trip Advisor, the reviews are not lying. There is a trail leading people closer to this view and the water was a gorgeous turquoise and blue. You could also smell the pine trees in your car. Sigh... :)

The Brixby Bridge: Hmmm this is the only one that I thought may have been over hyped a TAD. Now please don't judge me for saying that. I just said a TAD :) None the less, beautiful and majestic.

Somewhere between Morro Bay and Big Sur, CA

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

People told me to gas my car up as frequently as I could driving up Pacific Coast HWY 1. I'm glad I listened. It can get pretty barren in some areas. 

Between Morro Bay and Big Sur was one of my favorite legs of the trip. That's a lie, I loved the whole trip. The rolling hills of lush green and 'golden' grass were beautiful. There was also this fog that made everything more magical. I also started to get into high altitude where I could see the road physically winding around the mountains...

Tip: I would recommend NOT going this way at night time. My car hit quite a few fallen rocks and they were tough to see during daylight with the fog, let alone the night.

A little further north of Cambria, CA is a stop off where Elephant Seals like to make their home. I actually wanted to take one home. If only my bathtub was a sufficient space for an elephant seal.

Oh well, maybe I can get one next time? 

Morro Bay

Monday, May 27, 2013

I finally got to cross off My Road Trip on Pacific Coast Highway 1 (PCH1) on my California bucket list. Thankfully I completed it before tourist season was in full swing. 

PCH1 has gorgeous views in Santa Barbara and Malibu, but since I was recently there and have posted photos of both areas, I'd actually like to start a little further North.

So, my first town I got to explore for a short period of time was Morro Bay. It's a quiet town with minimal entertainment, but much to explore via outdoors! I sat down for some fish and chips and enjoyed the harbor. My time may have been short here, but it was time well spent.

Point Fermin Lighthouse & Park

Friday, May 24, 2013

The final place I took my parents was a quaint little park called Point Fermin Lighthouse. It literally was a house with a light on it. Close by was the Korean Friendship Bell that we had to snap a few photos of. 

This park offers free parking, a cafe, lighthouse tours, and a 1/4 mile walk of the ocean. I'd say this view competes with the views of Malibu, CA and that's tough to beat.

I wish I had packed a picnic for my parents. Literally, the views were picturesque. With variety of the color blue in the ocean, cliffs, daisies, trees, and just the right amount of breeze...perfect day and perfect ending to one great trip with my parents.


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