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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 22-23:

The 24 hours where I needed more than coffee to stay awake.

June 22, I moved out of my apartment. That same day, I had 16 hours of goodbyes literally one after the other.

In those same 16 hours, the Miss Covina titleholders interviewed at Miss California. Nerve wracking. Months and months of preparation has gone into this! It all boils down to 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Did they answer well? Did the judges like them? Will their personalities and hearts shine through? It's a video game where you aren't in control. I'd like to report that both are rockin' it at Miss California! Be sure to tune in live this Saturday :) Look how beautiful they looked on interview day:

In the mean time, my best friend Becky won Miss Wyoming for 2013! After try #4 she won and she never gave up on her dream. Becky has MANY talents and she is the smartest person I know both book and street smart. She is the exact representation of her state and beyond. I can't believe she is going to Miss America! Look how gorgeous and stunning she is after her crowning moment:

So, not only was I a bubbling mess with goodbyes and trying to move...I was also glued to my phone with all of this good news. I text all 3 an interview question a day. I've participated in their mocks, helped them decide wardrobe....It's been quite the process. Well worth it though...well worth it!

I also got an an airplane to Denver, CO from the Los Angeles airport. My parents picked me up for our 7 hour trek home. In the midst of that time, I went from laughing to tears to smiling to screaming for joy to about every emotion in the book. It was quite the day.

Ending it in the Black Hills of my home state was my favorite. Here are some photos from Spearfish Canyon and the Black Hills national forest...10 minute from my home!:

Hello for now SoDak =]

Then I hit our gravel road and was instantly in love with how green everything is this summer. What a great year for farmers and ranchers. I am looking forward to relaxing, catching up, and just being at home....I love this place!

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