Cross Country Move 1.5?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Up and at it again. The longest moving day of my life. Basically my mother and I drove from my hometown to Denver (8 hrs or so). I flew from Denver to Los Angeles. I cut my foot open on the plane and blood gushed out. I drove from LA to my current location (6 hrs or so). Longest day ever. Only half way across the country in one day by plane and automobile and I can truthfully say I'm done traveling for a long time. That's a total lie, but I am for now. I get anxious sitting in my car for more than 10 minutes.

I was ecstatic to meet up with my dear friend Rachel in Denver! She is amazing. I met her when I was living in Southern California for 2 years. We happen to go to the same church service and she was the sole reason why I was never homesick on the weekends as often as I could have been. She is also a Midwesterner! Such a blessing her friendship is and it did my soul some good to spend an evening with her before I start this new life. I love you Rach!

The rest of the photos are the little exploration I've done in my new area of living. Living next to the ocean isn't such a bad thing I guess ;)

Last week in the Heartland Photo Frenzy

My last week at home was phenomenal. PLease join me as you scroll through the last week of some of my favorite places, things, and people from my hometown:

Coffee shops, rodeos, nostalgia, sunsets, a couple of nights out on the town with my cousin/one of my best friends and good friends from high school. Also, you can get a glimpse of life in my small Midwestern town and all of its charm during the 4th of July!

Enjoy! Happy Belated Birthday America! If you didn't catch my nature post, you better check out some of my favorite photos from home HERE.

Me and my DAD! (Because I don't look like my parents, I hate when people assume my Dad and Brother are my significant other, ew.)

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