Give with your whole heart!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The holiday season tends to set the spirit of giving in motion. Whether it's your time, money, or energy, people are giving or serving in some capacity. Every holiday season though or really any day of the year, I am surprised to hear when people discourage one another or guilt people for giving/serving locally or abroad. 

It’s the age old argument, “If you can’t give back to your own community, why are you helping someone overseas?” Or “People in third world countries are at a higher need than people in our own backyard”....I don’t know about you, but I lost count of how many conversations I've heard centered around this topic of conversation and to be honest, it’s anything but holiday cheer.

All of this conversation can be in the name of “God, religion, and/or patriotism”...but really is God going to care if you decide to donate $10 to the local school drive or to a Human Trafficking organization overseas? Aren't all of these people children of God? Aren't they equal in his eyes?

Serve and give where you feel it’s needed. We share this earth together, we share our humanity with every breathing soul on this planet. As a Christian, or I'd hope to those who identify in any faith, religion, or set of customs that may not parallel with a religion, that you'd agree -serving/giving whoever and wherever is good, kind, and needed.

Don't justify where you serve and give - just give with your whole heart. It's making a difference and isn't that all that matters?

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