Not everyone is going to like you

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goodness. This subject is a tough one. I am and have been one of those people that yearns for people to like me. If someone doesn't like me, I can and have taken it very personal, when at times, it wasn't personal at all. I can try my hardest. Be the most intentional. Keep in touch. Reach out, whatever it is and some people....they just aren't going to connect with me and me with them.

When you think for yourself. When you're bold. When you are who you are - these are the prices you pay for not everyone liking you. If you stand for nothing. If you believe in nothing. If you don't have purpose, it's easy to be well liked because you'll never have opposition. However, you are responsible for the energy you bring to the room. Me being me and you being you isn't an excuse to be rude, hurtful, and mean to people you don't connect with - there is never an excuse for having poor character.

However, the things beyond your control, well, I've put together a few things I've noticed that help me get over the fact that I'm not going to connect with everyone:

I assess my intentions. If it's something that I am doing wrong, I do apologize. If it's something I've done to offend someone, I apologize still. I make sure any non connection is a result of things beyond my control.

Which leads me to my next encouragement, I must be comfortable being who I am. Knowing who I am and what I value are key connections to others. So, if I don't share common values with someone, it's okay and no one's fault. Embrace difference.

Adding to being self aware, I am grateful for who I do have connections with. I love surrounding myself with people who challenge me and push me forward, but also with positive people who bring good energy, believe in me, and love me despite my awful flaws.

Finally, I don't play the blame game (That's a lie, I do at first, but after I get over myself and my immaturity it works). I take responsibility for my part and let the other person take responsibility for theirs. If they don't like me for things beyond my control, it really is going to be okay. Monday still comes after Sunday y'all :) ...I actually really had to think on that one....Yikes, is it Friday yet?

So, for those of you are emotional diplomats or yearn for the acceptance and approval of others, just remember to embrace yourself, accept the person that may not like you, and move forward. Chances are you have plenty of people who already accept you...So you do you!  xoxo :)

Seattle for 24 hours

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I did it.

I was a little impulsive, but I did it.

One of my goals for 2014 was to be more spontaneous. I knew 2013 was my inhale year. I knew it would go quickly and be done before I could breathe. I think at one point I was flying every week for 6 weeks in a row without reaching my own bed for a month at a time.

However, I know that 2014 is my exhale year...and admittedly, I know much more "uneventful". If I'm going to put some roots down, I still want to be adventurous in the midst of routine. So, I said I'd book a plane ticket to see a friend I haven't seen in a long time for 24 hours (if the price was right).

Well, sure enough the price was right & I booked a flight to Seattle for just 24 hours to meet up with friends I met at Church camp almost 14 years ago & I am ecstatic to spend my 24 hours of spontaneity with them.

Isn't it mind boggling that as a pre-teen, God planted friendships in my life that he knew would serve me well through the next decade and a half? We are truly a band of misfits finding a sense of belonging with one another wherever we are at in the world & I can't wait to share more of our story post Seattle :)

Pfeiffer Falls in Big Sur

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On Saturday, I went with 40 some students on a hike to Pfeiffer Falls in Big Sur, otherwise known as the Redwoods. Two of my student leaders and I drove down Pacific Coast Highway 1 where we saw the rugged coastline of Central California stretch out for miles. The Pacific ocean was a gorgeous blue and teal that day and we could literally feel the waves crashing on shore. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect too. We knew it was going to be a good, good day.

Once on location, we started the hike and although hard, it was so surreal as we were surrounded by some of the largest trees I've ever seen. So many of my team members, including myself truly pushed ourselves outside our comfort zones and I couldn't imagine a better bonding experience.

If you ever get the chance to visit any Redwoods forests in California, please do. It's almost a spiritual experience.

I am in awe of God's artwork:

Over HALF of my staff decided to come on this trip!

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