New York City

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some fall in love with people easily. Others with things or money. I belong in the category of falling in love with places, lots of them.

I try and travel one place a year that is either new or that I am craving to go. This year, I chose New York City - I had never been and I also wanted to meet up with a friend (DLT) who I hadn't seen since college. 

Travel is always a comedy show with DLT & I. Whether it is losing our keys, delayed flights, dying phones, getting lost, being the least prepared people to travel in America's most populated city, or random/creepy comments from strangers (this all happened in 12 hours by the way)....Can't say I was ever bored on this trip. 

Although it was quite the adventure to explore NYC by foot, there are a few things that travel always reminds me:
  • Home is a feeling for me. 
  • There are a lot of beautiful and kind people in this world.
  • It's always worth the money.

I've always said my heart is sprinkled in every place I've been to. Connecting with people who live a different life than me is my own addiction, and although I may screech when I see my bank account, travel is always worth the money. Every single time.

What does travel teach or remind you?
DLT and I at the 911 Memorial
Times Square
View at the top of the Empire State Building
911 Memorial
I got to celebrate my 26th with people who range from who I knew in kindergarten all the way through graduate school! 
First Broadway Show I've seen!
My favorite NYC area: SoHo
Grand Central Station. Every history nerd's dream.
Attractions we squeezed in: Times Square, Grand Central Station, eat New York Cheesecake, twice. The Empire State Building view at the top, Grand Central Station, Union Square, Madison Square Garden, the 911 Memorial, NYU Art Museum, saw Les Mis on Broadway and explored all the different neighborhoods that comprise of NYC.

It is possible to glaze over NYC in a weekend!
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