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Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 2016: I accidently found this cove at Carmel Beach. I was frustrated I couldn't find parking, but ended up driving to an area I hadn't explored and found these cute sea creatures. We always end up where we are suppose to.

I tried to sleep in the entire day today. It's Valentine's Day...I had no where or no reason to get ready, so why not pretend it doesn't exist? BUT of course, I was up at 7AM ready to take on the world. When I say take on the world, I managed to get myself a glass of water, some M&Ms, and scroll through my social media looking at the divide between romantic love posts and I'm single forever x forever posts. 

I wrote a post on relationship shaming around the holidays, which relates to this post. I'll be truthful, it was a bitter weekend for me. But whenever I get in these moods of self pity or sadness, I always ask myself...Where was I one year ago? I always tell people, it's amazing what can happen in one year. 

So, I did...and minute by minute I started smiling and water started welling in my eyes for the grateful experiences and people I've engaged with in the last year. 

In the last year, I got to be an explorer. I've never had to travel to far off lands to be an explorer, but I will say travel has always been my best therapy. Last year, my friend and I went to New York City for my birthday and spent well intentioned 48 hours. We packed a backpack and walked through every single neighborhood. It took us the entire day as we stopped off to admire people, art, food, music, broadway, athletes, tourists, and the like. There is something so intimate about a place unexplored, no real map, and walking aimlessly enjoying your surroundings. 

This is why I love places. Places are the healthiest relationship that's ever existed to me. Places are kind, beautiful, and full of light. They allow me to spend time with loved ones who travel and see the world like I do and most importantly, they take you as you are. When you're exploring places, you realize how little space you take up on this earth and that you should treat others and the earth well, for they give you a home and a sense of belonging. 

So, Happy Valentine's Day to you. I hope you find time to love - people, places, memories, etc. Valentine's Day isn't just for romance, it can be a holiday to celebrate all the different types of love that exist in your life. How rich are we to have so many different types of love?

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