Mom: Mothers day & B-day

Sunday, May 10, 2020

I wrote about MY PARENTS in September of 2018.

But this month is about my Mother. It's Mothers Day & her birthday month!

My Mom's dream was to be a Mom. Ike and her were her dream...Well, until grandchildren came along and her new favorite kids are her daughter in law and son in law, right Mom ;)

But besides being the best Mom, I'd also title her as funny, fierce, contributor, hostess, community driven, involved, Queen, and the ultimate teacher.

My Mom made sure my brother and I felt like we had everything - I mean, she drove me to Soccer practice an entire town over just so I could have opportunities I wouldn't have experienced otherwise.
She gave me my first and only piano lessons in 2nd grade. She was my Sunday school teacher at one point, and she was also my Christmas concert teacher as well at Church.

Sports? My Mom is the reason I am wild about sports - She is the reason I pitched in Softball, pursued Cheer/Dance in High School (My Mom was a Ballerina growing up), and why I also know the rules of Sports and am passionate with my Fantasy Football team, October baseball, and why March madness might as well be a holiday for me...Ok maybe that has a little to do with my Dad too. But baseball? That was my Mom. Oh yeah my Mom also sings, plays piano, and she used to play guitar and drums as a kid. Yes, she is one of those people, could sing, dance, play softball, and sew. I know...I'm jealous too.

She was/is such an encourager. She encouraged me to enter my first pageant. Which spiraled into entering many contests and competitions of all sorts - She is the reason my childhood room is packed with trophies, medals, ribbons, sashes, and crowns. She was essentially my first Coach and made sure I practiced outside of practice...Made sure I was enjoying my time...But also, was in it to do my very best..and hopefully win it. She really wasn't the participation trophy type of Mom.

She also brought me to the bank to open my first checking account. Which led to teaching me how to pay my own bills. She made me get a job to pay for my own school supplies and clothes in High School. When I was 14-18, I probably didn't appreciate that, but she raised me to be independent. So, if anything ever happened to her or Dad, I'd be okay...And she wasn't going to raise a lazy kid.

My Mom is a warrior. Many of you have heard about her beating late stage 3 ovarian cancer. But you may also not know her Dad died on Christmas - just 4 days before her Wedding. She lost her Mom on Mother's Day in 2008, her big brother died 2 days before Christmas, and her big sister I believe died around Christmas as well...yet every Christmas, she makes it feel like the most magical time of the year. She has shown me that you can still live and miss those people and they can still live in our hearts, our recipes, our gardens, and our picture frames.

I wanted to highlight some of the non-traditional things that aren't always associated with Moms. Of course my Mom made me delicious meals - homemade little cinnamon rolls anyone!? She also loved me so much - Gave everything, so I could have choices. So I could explore life the way I dreamt of. She taught me about Faith and God. She was all the traditional Mom things and then she was also many other life lessons that I don't think Mom's always get the credit for.

I love that my brother and I were my Mom's dream and she made sure to carry that through to this day and I see it in how she is as a Grandma and as a Mother-in-law. She is the true definition of a hostess - She invites people into her life and truly loves on them, invites them to be part of our lives as well.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you so much. I am so proud to be your daughter. Thank you for all the life lessons and for being so present in Ike's and my life.

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