From Miss to Mrs. Name is Really Long

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Every person that marries usually decides what last name(s) they are keeping and how that impacts them overall. More often than not it's women that have to make this decision. 

I have heard, studied, and researched it all. Common themes of, "But your spouse didn't get your degree(s), so in your career you should keep it Brunner", "But you are married and you should respect the culture / your new family name", "If you have kids, don't you want to share a last name with them".

So I chose both. Because in Mexican culture, I keep my family name and I inherit my married last name. 

I am proud to be a Brunner - it represents the family farm I grew up on and the immigrants that were my great grandparents / Grandpa who came to the USA to create a better life for their lineage. If I were to be known as a leader - It'd be that I worked hard, I followed through, and I always tried to do right by people. I live by that and that very much represents the Brunner side of my lineage.

However, being married and marrying into another culture, I also wanted to implement a new part of my identity, which is Reyes. Aaron has been extremely supportive of me as a whole person, my goals in life, and our mutual dreams - He is my encourager, my rock, and provider in many ways. Carrying his family name represents what's now and what's to come, and to me, it was important as a wife, I carry this with me.

So, when I decided to run for America United Mrs., I had a contract to sign when I was initialing for my Mrs. Washington America United title. I originally put JB. Because in my higher ed career, no one will really know me by Jayme Reyes currently, only Jayme Brunner and in my business I am known as Jayme Alexis because no one could pronounce either my first or last name, so I tried to give people an easier way of remembering.

But when all was said and done, I re did my contract with JRB to include and encompass all the names I proudly represent. There comes so much power from claiming all my names for all the different aspects of my old life and new life emerging into one.

Jayme Alexis Reyes Brunner - It's a long name, but that just means it comes with a long list of things to be grateful for. A long list of things to learn from, and long list of people who have come before me in which I get build a life off of what they have built. A long and wide feeling of love when I think of how my name connects different cultures, people, countries, and families together forever.

What did you decide to do with your last name concerning business, career, etc?

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