Mexico Wedding: OPEN MIC + Rehearsal

Saturday, November 21, 2020

 We are still dreaming about our 10 days in Mexico. Everything about our Wedding in Mexico was not just picture perfect, but real life perfect. We loved our civil ceremony in my home state of South Dakota this Summer and we were looking forward to our Catholic ceremony this Fall.

I had shared with social media and loved ones, that within a month of our Wedding, we had to find a new DJ, caterer, venue, hotel, and photographer. Our flights were all cancelled a minimum of 2 times. We were unsure if the Wedding would even be happening at all due to COVID19 and we were still unsure the week of the Wedding. We went from a guest list of 120 to 30. We certainly let out a sigh of relief when we boarded the plane and thought well, if anything at least we will arrive!

I will get more into Aguascalientes, Mexico, one of Aaron's hometowns later, but I am going to post about OPEN MIC and Rehearsal today. We are people-people, and because we live so far away from our loved ones, we wanted to provide times for all of us to hang out before the Wedding day - some family hadn't seen each other in 15 years. Some of us not for a few years. We wanted to really cherish this time together, because some times at Wedding, it's just Hi and Bye. But we wanted there to be a Hi, How are you, We love you, See you soon. 

We lucked out at that Hotel Modelo Business Boutique, who let us have the entire rooftop for FREE. We did rent 2 hotel rooms there, but to allow 30 people to occupy the rooftop for 4 hours was so kind of them when we know other venue spaces would charge us hourly. We spent our night playing Loteria (Mexican Bingo) Shots, Speeches from family and friends, and just hanging out. We also had rehearsal with our Wedding planner as some of the ceremony elements weren't as familiar with my Bridal party and I. For example, in Mexican culture bridesmaids are called madrinas and groomsmen are called padrinos aka godparents to the marriage. They vow to mentor, help, guide, and love us as a couple.

I love a good party, and aesthetics to me set the mood - We wanted the traditional papel picado, the fall flowers, the clay pots, and all the details to be traditional Mexicana although Open mic is not a tradition they have in Mexico. Blending our cultures meant the world and we loved getting to celebrate pre Wedding day our love, our loved ones, and the beautiful city of Aguascalientes!

THANK YOU to the vendors below!

In the background, you can see the Church we got married in!
We had to do English and Spanish paper everything. Thankfully, my sister in law translated most of the time!
USA Family and Friends
Speech time & our lovely translators, Aaron's Madrina from Baptism and his Sister!
Aaron's family
Mi Amor y Yo || My Love and I - You really can see the Church now in the background

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