Aguascalientes, Mexico - Part II

Thursday, January 28, 2021

You can read Aguascalientes, Mexico - Part I  for the context of part II:

Once our entire Wedding party and my parents arrived, we did a semi repeat of the cousin day, which is posted in the first post. 

We stopped through the bakery, we ate Gorditas for Lunch- but at a different place than the first. We toured the plaza, and the Church that we first were going to get married in! 

Here was the Church we were originally going to get married in right in the middle of the city plaza. We ended up not going with this Church because it was further away from the other venues and for the Mariachi, it was easier for them to be where we went with in the end. But this Church, we walked in during a service, and like big Churches in Mexico, you can walk in any hour of the day and typically they have a service.

Hearing people sing Hosanna in a different language, but knowing every rhythm, felt so unison with the wedding party. All of us are religious and/or spiritual, there was community in being there together. I love being able to feel part of something together in a place that I don't have much in common with and visiting all the Churches definitely made me feel that.

Aguascalientes is very peaceful. The governor's mansion is located in the central plaza along with the Church, and the gathering area near the Mexico flag that is in every city's center plaza in Mexico. 

We ended up strolling through the San Marcos Park too where we would later take Wedding Party photos. 

Lined with green trees, purple, pink and white flowers, people playing music, vendors selling ice cream and popcorn. It was Autumn and felt like Summer and completely warmed our hearts. 


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