Aguascalientes, Mexico - Part I

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Woooeyyy, this has been sitting in my drafts since late October:


I miss seeing and feeling NEW. New foods. Music. People. Clothing. Architecture. Undiscovered parts of history I was unaware of. All of it. I miss traveling and learning and taking in all the sights, smells, and being in awe of a new place.

I think most of us can collectively agree we miss being able to go somewhere without restrictions. 

Aguascalientes wasn't new to Aaron, but for me? I've only been to Tijuana, Nogales, & Mexico City. Looking through photos, I already loved all the architecture in the capitol city - Romantic and colonial. But seeing it in real life...Breath taking. The city is so clean, the people are SO friendly, and yes the food was so good, but the juice drinks!? I just drooled. I think I ordered a Mango juice every day.

During the Wedding week, my 2 cousins flew down early. We grew up taking trips every 2-3 years (We are all 1-1.5 years apart in age) and this year, it would have been 3 years since our trip in San Francisco. We were in High School at the same time and in the same school. We lived in a small town, so we had to be very creative in what we did. We've fought, we've always made up, and we would absolutely fight anyone that tried to mess with one of us. Whether we were 8 or 28, it still holds true - They're the closest thing to sisters I had/have.

Normally...We are known for breaking bones, needing surgery, or getting concussions when we are together. Not sure why, but we are so "blessed" with being so clumsy! I am happy to report, NO BROKEN BONES, sickness, or emergency trips this time around! I also loved the private time they got with Aaron and also so we could just enjoy the city without having to think of Wedding things this particular day. 

Our first stop was Templo de San Marcos, the Church we would be married in later that week. This was my first time seeing the Church NOT at night actually. 

When you stepped inside, you actually felt like you were transported back in time. The physical Church was built from 1655-1765! You couldn't help but be engulfed in the tall arched ceilings, intricate murals, and the majesty of God's presence.

We walked our way down the main streets towards the city plaza area. We could smell fresh churros being made and coffee being poured. A smell we followed was a bakery - You couldn't miss it, we got there to grab some freshly baked items and to order some loaves of bread for the Ofrendas during the Ceremony at the Church for the Priest. Since we were there in early October, they were also already serving pan de muerto for Dia de Los Muertos in late October and early November - where many LatinX countries honor their loved ones who have passed. Along the way my cousin Kailey got her coffee beans, Kelle got some pastries, and Aaron got his Coconut water. All the vendors along the way were probably one of the highlights of the city. We loved supporting and indulging in all the family owned vendors.

Next we headed to El Parian - Basically the central plaza super market of everything. We had just been there earlier in the week to grab the ofrenda items - My sister in law Lizzy and I had such a "fun" day of shopping with the guys - A post for a different day ;) 

When we got to the plaza, we were HUNGRY. We didn't come all the way to Mexico to eat somewhere we knew or would be "comfortable" in, we wanted the real experience. With translation, I could get by with my small Spanish skills - Even negotiating prices for my Mom's souvenirs and ordering everyones coffee, but poor Aaron had to translate the entire time and make sure the conversion of Pesos was correct. He did great, that man deserves the biggest patience award. 

We finally ended up eating at a station Aaron recommended on the first floor of the second photo below - GORDITAS!!! Now, if you're like me, growing up, I thought Gorditas were the Soft Shells overlapping hardshell tacos you got from Taco Bell. Over time, Aaron showed me what they were in Washington, but he said they're nothing like back home. He was right. They were a million times better with their maseca pocket of a shell filled with flavored meats, veggies, queso fresco, salsas, and more. Every thing we ate was made from scratch, and we devoured several during Lunch. Personally I loved the Mole ones and the Tinga with Potatoes and MORE queso and salsa. Also, if you travel to Mexico and you are a pop drinker, get the bottled Coke - It just tastes better. 

We did a few other things that day, but felt this captured the city and the things we value - Our family and spending quality time, which is all 4 of our love languages or top 2! 

The tourism office was close to our hotel, in which they loved that we were having an International Wedding in Aguascalientes. Apparently our wedding photos are at the Tourism headquarters that you see below. We asked for a map of the city for memory sakes and they gave us two for both languages.

I love my cousins very much. Their time and support have meant everything to me over the years and getting to experience a full, sunny day filled with a new experience made this trip brighter.

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