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Monday, January 25, 2021

 Throughout the pandemic, I know I am not the only one to feel helpless. The fixers? We want to fix everything. You're sad? We want you to be happy. You're surviving? We want you to thrive. 

Cliche, but this statement has never been wrong: Some times there are things we can't fix, but as a collective group, we can make an impact.

During the pandemic, I told my husband I wanted to bring a dream out from hibernation that I had been thinking about since 2018 - I wanted to start a Podcast with guests to talk about all different dynamics of relationships. Him being my tech guy, bought me a microphone at Christmas and he asks every week, "When is the next episode?". We have 18 planned episodes for Season 1 with 2 already having been posted for 2021. You can subscribe to us on ANCHOR or search us on Spotify - Relationships with Reyes.

Another component we wanted to provide was a modest Scholarship (Cash Award) to someone who is a role model in their community. 

We aren't rich. We live okay. We struggle just like many. But we know that any amount we were comfortable with could make someone's day - fund an event they are passionate about, pay a bill, and whatever it was, we just wanted to recognize someone who made an impact in their community. Because our communities need some love and people need some love.

We aren't selecting a winner, we have a team of volunteers and a selection committee to do that for us - More on that later. We want to remain not bias and truly have people from all over the USA choose the recipient, we are just here to supply the microphone to amplify this!

Throughout the the last week, I reached out to family and friends to donate, and it brought the total up to almost double! Heart feels overwhelmed. I do so many projects, but I'd have to say this one takes the Gold. When you get married, you likely have already found things that you as a couple enjoy doing together. Luckily, one of those things for my husband and I is serving others. We get so much joy of feeding people, loving people, and enjoying who they are. 

But I love what a small group of people can accomplish. I love waking up feeling like we got this. It's the kind of generosity I needed to hear and see after a year of...a divisive election, peoples rights threatened, humanity I'd say at an all time low of empathy. So, thank you to those who have already contributed!

If you connected with these sentiments, please check us out at Please share the link and our flyer below. 

If you would like to contribute monetarily, you can venmo us at @reyesscholarship. After, if you can email us at with a photo and what you're passionate about, we would love to feature you on our website donor's section.

If you are a program that aligns with our mission - We would love to list you as an affiliate and email our applicants your information during the waiting process to hear back from results. 

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