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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

You really are never too old to start something new. 

I mentioned in my last post of Back to the Basics, as of April 30, I let my Coaching license expire after 14 years because there were some big announcements on the way.

I am SO proud of Aaron - he is going back to school! He has enrolled in an Associates program at a nearby Community College. 

Now, this decision wasn't easy, and I hope this encourages others who are in similar situations.

As mentioned times before, Aaron and I met in 2018, bought a car together in 2019 only after 2 weeks of dating. We then had his brothers here for a year each almost. I converted to Catholicism. I had an ectopic pregnancy. We got married, twice, during a pandemic. We both got job promotions. Then, came 2021. 

Aaron was working 2 jobs, I was working my full time job, plus Coaching, and another business we shared, plus opening the Scholarship and Podcast. 

We had a series of health events in March, I won't get into that yet, but something just had to give. Sound familiar for you too? Aaron ended up quitting his 2nd job for many reasons, but ultimately this made him stop and really evaluate what's next for him.

Although I went to College and Graduate School. I do NOT believe you need a further education to make something of your life. I don't think it's someone's self-worth. I also don't think EVERY person should/needs to go. Honestly, if I could do what I'm doing and didn't need the education to back it up, I don't think I'd have gone to school. To my education folks, I know that sounds disappointing and to my folks that have never taken that path, that may surprise you to read this. I have student loans and that really has impacted where I go next in life. Trust me, I believe that the world can serve as our educational skills, but the bottom line is that schooling can open up additional doors, not better than someone else's door, but additional ones, and that is where people get confused. A degree doesn't always mean better (time, finances, prestige, passions, etc), it SOMETIMES just means additional...OPTIONS!

After some time, he had been thinking of it for awhile, but he decided he wanted to go back to school for a degree that needs more people. It's a profession that once boomers leave, there will be few replacements.

There is never going to be a convenient time to start a dream. We are just coming off a wild, roller coaster-y 2+ years, those who have been beside us know. Going back to school was the last thing we were thinking about until we realize if not now, when?

It's scary. We went from making the most income we've ever had to me quitting my Coaching business (prior to us even knowing what was going to happen 2 weeks later) which brought in gas money, groceries, and plane tickets home. Aaron quitting his other job, which supported our monthly bills, and then deciding to enroll in school. Living like we are students again in my early 30s wasn't something I was exactly praying for, but I also know it's possible, and worth it for Aaron to expand his options and educational aptitude. 

Because there will never be a perfect time. We will never have "enough money". There are SO many factors that if we always waited for the right time, we would never move forward.

No matter how chaotic your life is, believe it or not, you can choose at what level the chaos impacts you. No matter how inconvenient life is, at what point will change really be convenient? Very few times. 

I say this without kids. I can't talk as if I'm a parent and how this would influence our decision, but I am speaking from a space of married without kids, that if you are privileged enough to make this happen, because I know this is not everyone's circumstance, you are going to wish you had taken risks as life passes you by.

Aaron has always been extremely supportive of my career choice. One that is unpredictable, FUN, wild, on call, and can change by the minute. It's my time to be supportive of his career choice and although I can't say I can help him on his Math homework, I can am excited to cheer him on this new chapter of his life!

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