Jayme Alexis LLC

With Miss America 2018 - Cara Mund
As a multi-potentialite, I have had the opportunity to work for a talent agency for 10 years in areas of politics, pageantry, professional sports, art, non-profit work, and so forth. After learning from some of the best, I decided to coach independently. In January of 2017, I launched Jayme Alexis LLC, which focuses on creating lives that we love and recruiting and retaining talent at organizations I love. In short, here area the areas I can assist you in. * indicates areas of extensive experience

Career | Life Coach:
Cover Letter
Beginning your career
Career change and transition*
Priorities and values*
Industry niche folks transitioning to civilian life*
Identity based career coaching

Competition Coach:
Fashion - Design, merchandising, and journalism
Creative fields
Accept clients for all types of competition

Non profit*
For Profit
Start up companies
Team & personal development*
Creating your own company
Former clients have been past Miss USA's, Miss America's, local Senators, X Games winners, Super Bowl Champs, teachers, business owners, New York Fashion Week designers, etc.

info@jaymealexis.com for pricing and details. 

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