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Mrs. Washington America United 2021: I am competing for America United Mrs. in June 2021. I live out my platform - Write and Read to Lead, where I tutor for Reading Partners and facilitate Writing workshops for at-promise populations. 

I share this as a wife, leader, educator, first responder, businesswoman & volunteer - I am constantly juggling multiple roles in my life, but like people say, you always make time for what’s important! That is exactly why I decided to run for America United Mrs! The America United Pageant (AUP) is about community service/platform, supporting our first responders & military & being a good neighbor. Our country has shown more than ever, that people need to become part of the solutions to our challenges, and I am here to roll my sleeves up and get to work. 

You can work alongside and connect with me on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM. You can also email me at or find any of my services on LinkTree.

A strong sisterhood is what AUP aims for. If you are interested in representing your state, please join us at the America United Pageant!

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