2017 Highlight Reel

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

You can read what I claimed 2017 to be back in January, and here is what it actually was...More or less I stuck with my 2017 theme. I used my year to invest in relationships, projects, and things I already had.

It was a year of reunions, sacred traditions, and internally focused. 2017 was about staying, rooted, rituals, and the adventure of consistency and steadiness. It was the year I needed; stay with me for my 2017 highlight reel...

Jayme Alexis LLC:
After working for a talent agency for 10 years, my mentors encouraged me to do my own thing. To not work based off commission and to go referral only. It's been a bumpy road, but I have made fewer, but stronger connections in my side hustle that I hope one day could be a full-time hustle.
Former client's Spring 2017 collection that was headed for NY Fashion Week
Miss Covina: 5 years with this program as a committee member, coming back to volunteer as Judges Chair felt like coming back to see family! Miss Covina is a preliminary pageant for Miss California.
Miss Covina 2017 court
28th B-day: Smorgus board of people. It felt like a Monterey Bay and Bay area reunion for all the parts of my life - work, church, pageantry, and the random people I dated (ha).
Canvas Small Group Crew
When your first set of students become your real friends...scary I know...
Family visits: My mom and 2 cousins came to visit San Francisco. I LOVE when my family can experience this city I call home!
Lands end with my forced best friends (cousins)
My wonderful Momma who has now been 1.5 years cancer free!
10 year High School reunion: Most people wouldn't be excited. But I genuinely liked most of the people I went to school with. The 4th of July is when everyone comes home to celebrate America's birthday and that is exactly what we did. We rode in our town parade, watched fireworks, and went to many rodeos. Two of my home team members (One from college, one from pageantry) also came to visit me during the 4th and it was the first time in years where half my home team was in one spot!
Class of 2007
Half my home team at the 4th of July Rodeo! Katie (College), Becky (Pageants), Caitlin (High School)
1 year at SFSU: I made it past 1 year at SFSU. I have been VERY fortunate to call my colleagues my friends as well and people I rely on and adore. I also am bias, but I have enjoyed working with SFSU students - they are fierce, much smarter than I ever was in college, and super extra and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Fall Training 2017!
Night out on the town. PC: J. Gomez
2017-2018 Tower Patch Kids

2016-2017 Area Coordinator Squad!

2016-2017 Tower Rangers
1 concert per year tradition w. Hive: I met Alex & Sondra (We missed Alli!) in my first professional job at Cal State Monterey Bay. They were like my big siblings and each year we go to 1 concert - Ingrid Michaelson (3 times), Jason Aldean, & Luke Bryan. I was so happy we carried on our tradition and kept it classy with wine in a canteen.

American Pageant Nationals: I have been affiliated with Miss Teen of America and its sister programs since 1998, but it was a full circle to become keynote and Judges Chair for this year's national program in Orlando. I also got to see my friend Cara Mund, current Miss America!
Miss America - Cara Mund
Judging Panel for American Pageants
2018 American Pageant National Titleholders

San Francisco night life:...I'd be lying if I didn't mention this year was wild...and one day when I'm 50 and can actually publicly speak about all the things that went down...I'll post it. It will make my future children very uncomfortable and I cannot wait. But to put it tamely, I enjoyed all the nights out partying in San Francisco this year that led to some....laugh until I cry stories...and also stories I cringe when I hear them being told by my friends.
Hip Hop Party August 2017
Village/Towers Reunion
Love life: Shout out to all the guys who loved me this year...and who spent time with me...and who they let me into their lives too...their families homes and let me make real connections with their closest friends. It takes courage to date in this day and age and share your life. To the ones I am genuinely friends with - cheers to finding what we want and need. 2017 brought some good humans into my world...and some not so good ones...and that's okay, I didn't know my heart could bounce back and be such a bad @$$.

Pageantry: Miss Covina

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Vivian, our reigning Miss Covina won preliminary talent, a scholarship,
 and was a merit finalist at Miss California. 

As a new year approaches, a new season of pageantry begins. To me, this is just as important as a new sports season, and my involvement with 2 different pageants - one with a deep and rooted history and one that I'm still diving into, already has me buzzing on what's to come this year.

In 2011, I was still on the search for a pageant family in Southern California, after only knowing Midwest and Rocky Mountain Pageant circles, I knew this was going to be a challenge. Most people search for a church, a gym, or a meet up when they move somewhere new, I search for a pageant family.

In the Midwest, the same handful of people run all of the systems, coaching, make-up/hair, and own the same formal gown boutiques. In California? Different game. Everything I had ever really known about this industry was irrelevant.

I reached out to a local Miss California preliminary competition (Miss Covina) and met the Executive Director, Katrina. Katrina is highly invested into this program. She gives women the opportunity to be ambassadors of their city and molds women into strong leaders who give back to their community. She holds her titleholders accountable and with high expectations. Katrina is everything you respect in the sport of pageantry.

5 years later through auditions, locals, Miss California state pageants, titleholder(s) making history, and Katrina winning Rookie of the Year as a new Director...its been one of the best stories to watch unfold. This local program has come a long way from being a production in a small church to a large auditorium, and every year feels like a family reunion. The Miss Covina family travel hundreds of miles to be home for the local pageant, all to support a new titleholder who will embark on one of the most enriching journey's of her life. It's tradition, a rite of passage, a sacred night that we all look forward to.

Although as a committee member, my role lasts a short, but sweet 6 months, it amazes me to see a titleholder transform. From her first audition to the Miss Covina pageant, all the way up to preparing for Miss California. It's unbelievable, the confidence found, the relationships created, and the way she is able to navigate appearances, the media, and answer her city's challenges with action through her platform.

I love new years, but I love them because that means a brand new season of pageantry has started!

Photos by Miss Covina Scholarship Pageant

Miss Covina/Miss Covina Valley 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

I just couldn't stay away. I left the competition phase of my life in high school, but I've never been able to stop judging, emceeing, choreographing, directing, or coaching pageants. 

When I moved out here to CA, I wanted to make sure I kept my skills fresh, but that I was with a quality system. I decided to jump onto a committee for the Miss California (Miss America) Organization and help out with local programs.

So, this weekend was the 30th Miss Covina Pageant! Congrats to Rita (Miss Covina Valley) and Ashley (Miss Covina)! These two are in for the journey of their lives.

First three photos are photo courtesy of the Miss Covina Organization

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