Practicing Hospitality

Sunday, November 4, 2018

There have been many perks about living in a larger space, and with a roommate (Cher bear) who also values the practice of hospitality. I learned hospitality from my parents, specifically my Mother. She is the hostess that makes a full course meal, makes your bed with love, and greets you in the drive-way even in a blizzard. 

In a season of recovery and rest, Cher bear and I wanted to provide that same experience for our loved ones while visiting...and we absolutely love it. 

Whether it’s our mismatched towels freshly taken from the dryer, grabbing blankets that have many stories attached, late night airport runs, getting people’s favorite snacks, bringing home fresh flowers, the smell of brunch filling our home, or the excitement of writing WELCOME _____ on our white marbled marker board...we love exercising the practice of loving others and doing it well. 

Our Midwestern and Southern roots have felt so watered welcoming, by the end of next week our 20th visitor since July. Twenty people who we have gotten to fill our bellies with laughter with, exchange mutual love with, and created some new memories with.

Our home, truly is your home. 

Decorating your living room as a minimalist

Monday, September 9, 2013

I have a confession. I hadn't seen my place prior to moving in, but I figured it couldn't be too bad. So...when I arrived, I thought holy water, this is so clinical looking...what in the warm pit of fire am I going to do to fix this?! The place where I am at is a former military base, so everything is so.....militant?

I fell asleep on the couch, the one below, and pouted myself to sleep [pathetic alert]. I told my mom how I didn't like my new place and she responded, "Well, suck it up"...You have to know my mom to think it's hilarious, because it was.

My friends re-assured me once I added my belongings in, it would feel more at home. I was also feeling guilty because I learned that I had the largest apartment on campus, so that alone changed my little tude'.

Things my new living room always need:
1) LIGHTING - Seriously. If you haven't figured out the art of good lighting...Please do. It changes the whole vibe of a place!
2) SPACE - Arrange everything to make it personal. I wish I had taken a photo of when I first got looked nothing like the before photo. I tend to host groups of 3-6 people, so I wanted my space to reflect that. Which meant seating, television angles, and how much I'd crowd into my living area. So, get your space figured before you start to decorate!
3) Photos - Even if I can't share my physical space with every person close to my heart, they might as well be hanging on my wall or sitting on a shelf or table. I try and refrain myself from shrines, but that's a tough promise :)



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