Dating in San Francisco: The Ex Porn Star

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I posted about Modern Day Dating and Stranger Danger  in my last 2 dating stories, and I figured now that a year has passed, this story was safe to post.

I was sitting at this restaurant and my date was an hour late. If I wasn't hungry, I would have left because nobody disrespects my free time! Especially a first time date.

So, my date arrives all inked up, which I personally do not care, but that was not visible in his photos on Bumble. Trying to be a good date and ask questions, I asked him what this particular tattoo meant...I mean, it was a sword through a woman's face...and that was one of the less abrasive tattoos he had.

He said, "One day I dreamed about it. Drew it when I woke up, then got it tattooed...but don't worry I don't stab women in the face!"....AWKWARD LAUGH. UHHH OKAY. I am SO glad you don't stab women in the face.

So, now that we are on that page, we got into talking about past lives. He was in a metal band for years and I was exchanging road trips and tiara stories from my youth.

Then he started talking about how he used to do porn, but then he got burned out. Honestly however people want to make an income is up to them - no judgement.

Then, he started saying..."Yeah it got really weird with my Dad being the Director"...OH...OKAY. GREAT. So this was a family business!?

Again, no judgement, but this guy was an hour late, dreams of swords through women's faces, now porn is a family business, and he talked the entire time and never asked me 1 question. Not to mention he kept mentioning how he loves Asians...


So, I went to the restroom and called my friend A. I said literally drop everything you're doing and pick me up.

Inked metal ex porn star did not get a second date from me. But it sure does make for a very good story.

Welcome to dating, in San Francisco.

Dating in San Francisco: Modern Day Dating

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I've been meaning to write a dating post...

But it's far too embarrassing and until I get permission from former datee's or remove them from my social media, I didn't want to venture "there".

This incident though, is further removed.

My life. Some times. The things that happen. I cannot run into someone who doesn't know someone who doesn't know something horribly embarrassing about me.

So last Monday. Typical Monday. I was meeting a friend and the first few places we tried, were not working out for us.

After walking all over the city, I decided to use UBER - carpool. All of a sudden, a guy hops in the front and turns around and says my name! I was like UMMM WHO ARE YOU?!?!

Turns out, I matched with him on an online dating app and never messaged him back....Awkward. Talk about the LONGEST 3 blocks of my life riding in uber with this stranger. I was so mortified I ran out of the car and bolted across the street where I almost got ran over by a prius.

And I'm not sure about you, but when I think of my "this is how it ends"'s not by ummm, a prius.

A preview to modern dating in San Francisco.
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