I'm a fraud

Friday, September 8, 2017


A few, a lot, MANY of my family and friends called me out on my no dating 2017 rule.

Hey, I was doing great up until May. 5 mos sober of dating...

I didn't even make it half the year. I'm laughing out loud because...well I wanted to call myself out since I posted on my blog I wasn't going to date in 2017.

In fact this Summer I said, I just want to flirt, talk, and just you know have a fun Summer.

Now even more funny, I was boo'ed up from Memorial to Labor Day. The official kick off and send off's of Summer.


I roll my eyes at people who say, "When you're not looking, that's when you'll find someone!"...

And I was doing that maybe a little too well for 5 mos. Dodging anyone that wanted to slow down and form a relationship...I would actually say EW out loud.

Literally the last thing I wanted.

Here comes Summer and I was in one of the most healthy relationships I've had since I can remember.

So. Letting folks know I'm a fraud.

Guess I can make all the predictions I want and life will show up the way it wants to.

Spending time like I do cash: Wisely (sort of)

Monday, July 14, 2014

I like to plan. I like to prepare. Not as meticulous as I used to be, but it happens. That also leaks into how I blog. I like lists, goals, and plans. I talk about them, write them, and achieve them or usually they're a work in progress. 
Instead, I tried doing something different. I was writing a post 2 months ago from today and instead of pre-determining what I wanted my summer to be, here is what it has been. 

I hope you have been enjoying your summer too!

I've spent less time...
cleaning my apartment
organizing my life
shopping for things I don't need
attached to technology
checking social media
on personal appearance
checking my work email when it's not necessary
with anxiety and its best friend stress

I've spent MORE time...
in two cities I haven't explored much
with family and friends
being spontaneous
making memories
GARDENING...I know hell is cold
trying new things....like going to professional soccer games...hell is now frozen...
beachin' it
connecting with God
at farmers markets
reconnecting with old friends
in solitude & silence
cooking dinner before 8pm
at concerts...ok all 2 of them, but none the less
watching sunsets

Feels good to have a well rested mind, body, and soul - In large thanks to where I've been spending my time this summer :) 

Happy Monday!

I took my student leader staff hiking one day
San Francisco
Smashmouth Concert in Santa Cruz
Carmel Beach
Lots of visitors this summer!

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