San Francisco's Mission District

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last weekend my friend Rach came to visit me in the Bay area. We met as transplants in Southern California. We were just two small town Midwestern girls navigating a city bigger than our home state populations. It's been such an irreplaceable friendship - So happy to have hosted her here!

When she arrived we headed to the Mission District in California to eat the best tacos I've eaten since living in the Bay area. One thing Rach and I agreed on is that we like to eat the food that is authentic to the culture we are in. So, no chains, no popular or "go to" restaurants, only eating places that are ma/pa like.

  • Fresh fruit stands
  • Carnitas/Carne asada tacos
  • Soda shop
  • German chocolate

Splurging here & there & everywhere

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Please ignore my former post about me trying to be fiscally responsible this weekend. I decided to go shopping. I also cut 7 inches off my hair and I splurged on a really good meal.

The weather was gorgeous in the Bay area and I thought I'd check out some more Cannery Row stores along with stop at the Fish Hopper 

Lunch: Red blend wine from Tuscany, Crab stuffed Mushrooms, fresh french rolls, and crab ravioli. Delish.
Even more delish, was this lunch view!

 God must have been painting the sky...
 Fresh cut y'all:

I'm on a Mission

The San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission that is :)

I finally had a Saturday off! I haven't had a weekend off since September. So, I was excited to start exploring my backyard once again. I googled this Mission because...

1) I'm on a budget. My good friend Rachel is visiting me next weekend and I'm saving my moolah for our San Francsico trip.
2) I dig history and architecture.
3) Anything spiritual, I'm in.

If you're in the Carmel, CA area, it is something worth checking out. It can take anywhere between 60-90 minutes to get through the whole mission. Enjoy!

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